Community Group Registration Form

Email address will be used for ALL communication, by providing your email address you agree to receiving all communications from Borders Hockey Development. Please contact us if you do not wish us to use this email address.

Will be used to advise of cancellations and events. Please advise if you do not wish us to use this number.

Please can you advise Borders Hockey if any of the details change while still attending the Development Squad.


(Tick as appropriate) to my child being transported by persons representing Borders Hockey or one of its individual members or affiliated clubs for the purposes of taking part in Hockey. I understand Borders Hockey will ask any person using a private vehicle to declare that they are properly licensed and insured and, in the case of a person who cannot so declare, will not permit that individual to transport children.


Your child may be photographed or filmed when participating in Hockey. All reasonable steps will be taken to obtain parental consent. In the absence of any explicit objection, those responsible may assume parental agreement.

(delete as appropriate) permission for my child to be photographed or filmed, and for information about my child to be used for the purposes stated in Borders Hockey Safe in Care Guidelines (i.e. Promotion, Performance Analysis, Reporting, etc)

(delete as appropriate) my permission for my child to be involved in photographing/filming and for information about my child to be used for the purposes stated in Borders Hockey Safe in Care Guidelines(Promotion, Performance Analysis, Reporting, etc)

I am aware of the Safe in Care Guidelines for Hockey and agree to work in partnership with Borders Hockey to promote my child’s safe participation in hockey.

I understand Borders Hockey will listen to the views of my child in relation to all matters affecting them and should respect my child’s ability to give their own informed consent.
(Please state relationship to child if not parent)


Parent/Guardian Agreement

parent/guardian of

agree to the Code of Conduct that is set out by Borders Hockey for their activity. I understand the procedures involved, and I am in agreement that these procedures should be performed.

Child Agreement

, agree to follow the rules of Border Hockey and I realise that if I break any of these rules actions might be taken by Borders Hockey.

Code of Conduct and Procedures – Borders Hockey

A breach of the following will be deemed serious. The coaching staff will deal with any minor rules broken appropriately.

o Leaving of the sports/residential grounds without the organisers/coaches permission
o Causing deliberate damage or defacing any piece of furniture or equipment
o No female or male will be able to enter bedrooms / areas that host the opposite sex. Any part of the person beyond the point of the threshold will be deemed inside
o Verbally or physically abusing any participant, coach or any other person at or around the facility
o Consuming any form of alcohol or using any illegal substances
o Breaking of any curfew rulings that are clearly stated by staff, unless due to illness or use of the toilet
o Breaking any curfew/quiet time ruling made by any staff
o Breaking the rules set out by the facility

Outline of Procedures to be followed:

Should there be a breach of any of the above, the following steps will be taken to resolve the situation.

o Coaches/staff meeting to discuss the incident
o Parents contacted regarding their child’s behaviour and given an opportunity to attend the meeting or have an independent representative attend
o Coaches representatives to meet with player(s) and have independent representation or parent present in a neutral location
o Coaches meeting to action procedures
o Participant informed of outcome of meeting
o Parents informed by organisers of outcome
o Organising of appropriate collection or drop off by organiser agreed by the parent or guardian

Coaches Code of Conduct

The Borders Hockey supports and requires the following good practice by coaches when in contact with children and vulnerable adults.

• Make sport fun, enjoyable and promote fair play;
• Always work in an open environment avoiding private or unobserved situations and encourage an open environment for activities;
• Treat all children and vulnerable adults equally, with respect and dignity;
• Put the welfare of each child or vulnerable adult first before winning or achieving performance goals;
• Be an excellent role model including not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of children or vulnerable adults;
• Give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism;
• Ensure that if any form of manual or physical support is required for a child or vulnerable adult, it is provided openly, the child or vulnerable adult is informed of what is being done and their consent is obtained;
• Deliver educational instruction first verbally; secondly role-modelled; and thirdly, and only if necessary, with hands on which must be accompanied by telling the child or vulnerable adult where you are putting your hands and why it is necessary and obtaining their consent;
• Involve parents, guardians and carers wherever possible;
• Build balanced relationships based on mutual trust that empower children and vulnerable adults to share in the decision making process; Recognise the developmental needs and capacity of children and vulnerable adults and avoid excessive training or competition and either pushing them against their will or putting undue pressure on them.
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