Under 15

Under 15 Age group squads

This selection of the U15 age groups and the resulting squad centres will initially run from September to November when further assessment and continued selection will be made by the Hockey Development Officers and Coaches.

The criteria for remaining in the squad is based on the following key qualities, attendance, attitude, work rate and progress.

The reviewed squads will receive another 5 weeks of training from February to March when a tournament will be held for all U15  Development squad players.  Performance during this tournament and progress at weekly sessions will be considered by a group of selectors before the cut is made to select the U14 girls and boys squads who will represent the Borders in their designated Inter District Competition which are held in May.

Training for the selected U14 Inter district squad will continue through March and April.

Players will attend whichever JDC is closest to where they attend school initially, however the final squad will train at Tweedbank, the Regional Hockey Centre, which provides the best playing surface.

Is there a cost to attend a JDC?
A fee will be charged for attending a block of training sessions.  This is to cover the cost of the facility and pay the coach.  Kit is also available to purchase online from PSL Teamsports.


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